Friday, June 18, 2010

Future Imperfect Book Two:Miraculous Deception

Book Two Future Imperfect: Miraculous Deception (to the left, to the left!) is available now via Desert Breeze Publishing, &! If you liked Book One: Crucifying Angel this is the next in the series and picks up where CA leaves off. Here's a little teaser for ya!

Gavin and Nick sat in Charlie's office, silent, shamefaced, bruised and most definitely

hostile. The chief of police paced back and forth around his desk, beyond angry.

"Look at you -- both of you. You're like a couple of bruised up kindergarteners. I don't

know what to say. I have never -- never -- had two detectives fighting each other like two drunks

outside a bar. What the hell is the matter with you?"

Neither man answered.

"Nick?" Charlie waited.

"It's this asshole. He moves into Payce house and immediately starts boinking Amy

Strand from Channel Eight."

Gavin opened his mouth to respond but never got the chance.

"You brought the press into this?" Charlie stared at Gavin, round-eyed.

"Well, not in so many words..." Gavin pressed two fingers against his black eye. "It was

just, sort of... bad judgment. Besides that, nothing ha--"

"Bad judgment? I'll tell you what bad judgment is, McAllister. Bad judgment was the

damned day I hired you."

Gavin said nothing. What could he say?

"That's putting it mildly,' Nick snorted. "Payce--"

"Whoa." Charlie held up an open palm. "I don't want to know what weird triangle you

three have going here, though it's a safe bet Payce has no idea what's going on--"

"She doesn't," Gavin said in a tired voice. His eye began to ache.

"You made damn sure of that you British fu--"

"Nick!" Charlie said. "Enough already. Now, because of the scarcity of budget and

personnel, I am not going to suspend you both or fire you -- which I should -- I am going to let

you both off, each with a written warning." Charlie sat down behind his desk. "You two are

going to have to work this out or I will fire you both and I'll make damn sure you won't be able to

get a job as a security guard in a parking lot. Do you understand me?"

"We're still partners?" Nick deflated a little. Gavin understood the feeling.

"Yes. I can't think of a better punishment for the both of you. You can work it out or

resign. That's your choice now boys. You are dismissed. Get out of my office." Charlie ignored

them swiveling his chair around to gaze out his window at the rapidly rotting city of Las Vegas.
Now, if you liked that, guess what!?! Yes, it's another book! Only this time I co-authored it with my sister, Loni Emmert and it's a mystery as opposed to a thriller! I'll be posting an excerpt from that the first chance I get !
In the mean time babies, feel free to up my self esteem by leaving a comment.
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Friday, April 9, 2010

It's Been A While...

It has been a while since I've visited my little blog here--yes, I know I'm so lax in keeping it up but I really and truly have an excuse this time. It's called getting books published and it takes a hell of a long time both in terms of writing the novel and promoting it shamelessly. I know also that I should utilize this blog more but life just gets in the way on occasion. That being said, I thank my three, yes, count 'em three (3) followers for hanging in there (if you're doggedly still around)! And if you ARE around (or undead, I'll find out about that too--come on you know where that line came from) and are interested in writing or my opinion, is the link for my latest interview, out today!
I don't keep this blog as a strictly writing blog, mainly because I look at this one as the one fun writing project where I can be...well, me, in all my bitchy glory. Hey, everyone needs an outlet and this is mine.
Right now I feel like a truant English student, ignoring my deadlines and promo opps to wreak havoc upon this little blog and just ramble away with no important writing or other tips and essays for you. I have to admit that my brain does feel a little jello-ish right now what with all this freedom from work. And yes, writing is work. It's just as much work as a factory worker (hmm...there's an interesting thought...a writing factory...I feel an idea coming on...) or a short order cook or a truck driver or an office worker.  The only difference is your boss isn't standing right over you...unless you count your Editor emailing you every five minutes...I made that up...they only email every fifteen minutes. Wait a minute! How did I digress back into writing again?!
No, damn it, no! I'm going to have fun now. Come on, fun, come on. I know you're hiding around here someplace.
Music is my fun. I love it. I love everything about it. I'm debating whether to actually begin reviewing or recommending artists here or put them on my official website. Or double post them. We'll see.
Hey, I just noticed something. On my earlier post, I placed a banner for 30 Seconds to Mars announcing their Las Vegas show tonight. Eerie how I have an obsession for pyramids and they have an obsessive love for triads...kinda spooky. Well though, I also have an obsession with squares and lines, and even, (gasp again!) plaid. Once I bought plaid bed sheets and plaid PJs. And then I wonder why people (including my family members) think I'm a strange woman. It has something to do with linear thought I guess. That's what I tell myself...every day, every single day...
Because I'm having so much stolen fun, I feel generous. I'm going to be nice to 30STM and post their next show banner if I can get it right. A sort of pay it forward concept I guess.

In any case, that's my musical good deed for the day or week or month, who knows when I'll be back--and what I'll be thinking about in linear terms? Pop in every once in a while and leave a comment. How else I am going to remember to come back?
You can even give me your opinion and we can argue about it! I'm good at that. Reeeeeaallly good at it. So, if you dare...

The Egypsy Has Spoken.

In keeping with the location of my book series, Future Imperfect...

...which is set in (gasp!) Las Vegas, I thought I'd post this. If you're in Sin City, check them out...did the best live cover of a song I've heard in ages with Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. Yes, my friends sometimes less IS more!
Later babies!
The Egypsy Has Spoken.