Sunday, February 26, 2012

Martin, I knew you could do it!

A few years ago I ragged on Martin Scorsese for making mainly violent and sexually explicit films. With HUGO he has made me eat my words! Well, actually, he finally made me proud! I knew he could do it; I knew if he tried, being the great directorial talent he is, that he could break away from that overused mold and give us something wonderful! And he has. 
See Martin? I knew you had it in ya'! 
What I can't understand is how Brad Pitt got nominated and Leo DiCaprio didn't! What goes on here?!? Perhaps it's just because everyone expects Leo to kick ass in every role he takes on. Who knows? I certainly don't. Well, taking into account campaigning...don't get me started on that...
What's surprising to me is how uninterested I am in this year's Oscars ceremony. Strange considering that some damned great films and performances were given in this class. I think I'm just plain burnt out on Hollywood. When I get more excited about the arrangement of the song "Hooray For Hollywood" than who's winning what, I think that's a safe assumption. Or maybe it's just because everyone's being so damned civil. Oh no, am I going to start demanding graphic sex and violence? Help me Martin, help me!
Okay enough blabbering from The Egypsy.
Hey, I only do it once a year...just like the Academy...
The Egypsy Has Spoken.