Friday, May 27, 2011

The Summer(s) of GaGa

What a year it's been!
I like to call it The Summer of GaGa that began last year and hasn't lost steam yet! I can't help it I love her outfits. That's what I would have been wearing in high school if they had been around then. The closest to her style back then I guess would be Bob Mackie designing for Cher. Ah, well.
In any case aside from the meat get up (what a waste of dinners!) I think she's decked out better than Madonna could ever be. And I'm a sucker for a hook. No, not meat hook, get over it already. I'm talking "no matter how much you hate it, that song chorus sticks in your mind forever" hook--probably like the one that drove Schumann mad --and 20 years from now, you'll be singing along with your car (radio? CD? MP3? Direct plug-in from the station to your brain?) audio as if you've loved the song forever--trust me it will happen! Think BeeGees...
Then there was my constant haranguing you on Twitter over 30 Seconds To Mars' version of Bad Romance which has to be one of the best covers I've heard in...well at least a decade or two...(listen I owned my first record at two and a half-no damned joke) and then there's The Pretty himself singing it which doesn't hurt the suggestive lyric re-write either! Hey, they had their own more than risque' video "Hurricane"--Talk about a Baaad Romance!
But without a doubt, without a doubt my lovelies, my absolute favorite bit of entertainment was when one wonderful soul sent me the YouTube video of The Wood Spider (check it out here: ) which will give me endless hours of pleasure for mostly likely the rest of my life. I'm a simpleton simple person.
I crapped out on seeing movies this year. Just wasn't interested for some busy with my own projects...and the premises just sounded better than what the trailers showed.
I think this last year was also the year I first heard of and watched the cult film "Spider Baby" a real creepy crawlie of a movie...hmm Wood Spider, Spider Baby...maybe it should have been The Summer of Spiders...eek, never been a fan.
Oh, I could go on and on but I'm sure I've lost your short attention span by now and I'm close to losing mine so it's a safe bet to end it here.
Perhaps I'll introduce a poll or two or some other fun little app for you. Perhaps not.
In any case, I'll be back again never fear. I've tried to quit this blog since 2005 and haven't been able to give it up yet. That's because I can bitch and rant and rave on any number of unimportant subjects and laugh at you as I do it!
Hey, it keeps me off the streets. (Oh, yeah, like I could make money from that...)

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