Thursday, April 2, 2009

Anyone remember Rolfing!?!

Earlier this week I got blasted back all the way to the end of the 1970's! My sister decided to pamper my dog by rolling her hands over the pup's belly from side to side. Naturally my doggie began grinning (literally) in joy.
Suddenly an image popped into my head. She was 'rolfing' my dog! Am I the only one who remembers that mini-craze? It sits in the attic of my mind along with all those other laughable self-help theories and practices conjured up by any and every looney expert of those days in between hippiedom and yuppiedom!
"Rolfing" was a type of rolling massage. Primal Screaming was literally that. And perhaps they helped--for a while. Me? I basically never went into any of that "therapy" and those who did never jibed with my personality. While I like relaxation I go usually for the more practical. And generally, though not intentional, cheaper methods. Like doing my own nails. Like doing my own pedicure. Like watching nature videos. Like listening to music. That's the type of therapy I dig. Like re-organizing my room, the pantry, my houseplants, listening to music with the rainfall outside my open window. Like gardening. I really dig that, lol!
But I'm just curious. Anybody out there remember Rolfing?
How do you remember it? Laughable or legitimate?
Love to hear from ya'!
The Egypsy Has Spoken.