Tuesday, August 18, 2009


At last! Finally I feel justified enough to actually blog about writing. I mean, beyond the simple subjects I tackle such as where I get character names. Why this new joie de vivre, you ask? Plain and simple: I finished my first novel! I know, I can hardly believe it myself! Even as I write, Crucifying Angel (Book 1 in the Future Imperfect series, Desert Breeze Publishing, November, 2009-plug plug plug!) is being fed into the editing bay of my publisher where it will emerge (most certainly) in need of revision. Hey, I can deal with revision. It's the getting it done and having it make sense that's the difficult part for me.
And once again, I celebrate the power of the subsconscious and its creativity. Somehow, some way, the plot always works itself out, despite me, and ends tie themselves up in surprising but logical ways. And many times they push new story lines all the way into the next book in the series.
Now, I don't consider myself a great writer or qualified enough to be giving advice or instruction on the art and craft of writing. I simply do what feels right, sounds right, and have to admit that most of it has been pilfered from years of reading both classics and contemporaries, and whatever my tiny mind learned and retained back when I first discovered reading and writing in first grade. My mind is still tiny by the way.
Stephen King described it as "seeing the hole in the page where the story is..." (my tiny mind can't recall, isn't that from "The Shining"?) and I realized that while I don't see an actual hole in my blank page, I definitely do see the story playing out in front of me including dialogue.
I presume that most of you who write do so as well. If you don't I would LOVE to know how you do perceive writing! No, seriously. Do you also "see" the story playing out like a movie or is there some other device that sparks your keys into tapping fire? Do you see through the eyes of your characters only or is it a combination of watching them and seeing their literal POV?
Well, I "see" finishing a book doesn't make me any better a blogger, unfortunately. I have no learned wisdom to impart, no magical words or images or anything else that might spark up your imagination. I must now come to the sad realization that my subconscious is of absolutely NO USE regarding blogging.
And while I'm not cracking open any Moet & Chandon or Dom Perignon, I am happy just to announce that I managed to complete a novel and get it scheduled for publication!
I'll save the Mimosas for the first million copies, LOL!
Okay, you're excused. Class dismissed. Next week, we'll watch a film.
The Egypsy Has Spoken.